To the max! Or something

Rating: 5/5

Space Invaders is rubbish. The word ‘extreme’, when placed after an existing word or short phrase, makes the subject seem worse by a factor of fifty-six billion. Therefore, the fact that Space Invaders Extreme is not only very much not rubbish, but is instead staggeringly good, is flabbergasting.

At its core, Space Invaders Extreme is the same game that wowed people in the late 1970s, but became old-hat upon the arrival of myriad superior shooters. Invaders invade (from space, natch), and you shoot them. Only this time, invader patterns change with each wave, bonus levels provide adrenaline-fuelled bouts of additional blasting and extra weapons furnish you with the means to rapidly annihilate scores of aggressors.

In addition, Space Invaders Extreme offers a pumping soundtrack, dizzying visuals and a score mechanic that combine to put you half in mind of Rez and half in mind of a fruit machine. It’s simply brilliant, and the entire package engrosses to the extent that you soon forget you’ve given hours of your life to the game—at least, up until when your hands cramp up in screaming agony.

Space Invaders Extreme is available now on import (Play, and will be released on June 17 in the USA and July 1 in Europe.

Space Invaders Extreme screen grab

Don’t invade my space, man.