Cnet recently asked is the iPhone hurting AT&T’s brand? The reasoning? Network complaints and AT&T’s general incompetence means iPhone owners are getting terribly angry, and because iPhone is very newsworthy hardware, people report these problems with much gusto.

Quick answer, Cnet: no. The iPhone isn’t hurting AT&T’s brand. The only thing hurting AT&T is AT&T.

See also: O2 and iPhone in the UK. Again, some reports have suggested that ‘poor little O2’ has somehow been suckered into taking on iPhone and that those nasty iPhone users have somehow made the wonderful O2 look rubbish. O2 may have been taken by surprise with high data usage, but to blame Apple or its hardware for O2’s shortcomings is just stupid.

Man, sooner or later, people will look at something wonderful like BBC’s iPlayer and somehow suggest that the BBC is somehow at fault for making lots of shoddy ISPs look like the idiots that they are, due to not being able to cope with the traffic the fantastic iPlayer creates.

Oh, right—that’s already happened too.