When you started up a Mac in the reasonably distant past, you got a smiling Mac face once the BONNNGGGG had faded. It was like being greeted by a friend, albeit one who’d end up keeling over time and time again, whenever you had the audacity to launch Internet Explorer.

In Mac OS X, Apple went a bit more corporate, with its logo ousting the wee Happy Mac, who was, presumably, shot in the head, as is the Cupertino way. Now, according to MacRumors, our chum is back, albeit in the shape of iCloud’s error messages, thereby proving one of two things:

  1. Apple did indeed shoot Happy Mac to death and he’s now in digital heaven, but, shockingly, still under contract. *SADFACE*
  2. Apple merely beat Happy Mac into the shape of a cloud, and now even forces him to wear stupid glasses and smile for the camera. FOR SHAME, STEVE JOBS!

iCloud proves Apple killed Happy Mac