I write about stuff I know. I’ve been creating websites since the mid-1990s and although web design only accounts for a small proportion of my work these days, I understand the industry, and so I write about it. The same’s more or less true for other areas of design and tech. Sometimes, I find myself outside of my comfort zone, and when that happens, I research like crazy. There’s a good reason for this: I don’t want to look like a dick and, by extension, make the publication I’m writing for look like a dick, thereby making the editor look like a dick, who’ll then hunt me down and kill me with sticks (or, more likely, give me no more work).

A pity a writer for The Street didn’t today have the same kind of mentality and instead presumably had a thought process that roughly went:

  • I have a story to write about Apple and flash!
  • *googles “Apple and flash”*
  • *writes story about Apple and flash, and Flash, confusing flash and Flash in a thoroughly embarrassing way*

A choice quote from the now re-edited article (my emphasis), as (at the time of writing) still live on DAF:

Apple is in talks to buy a flash storage company for mobile products called Anobit Technologies for $400 million to $500 million, Israeli newspaper Calcalist reports. If a deal were to materialize, it would be Apple’s biggest merger since bringing legendary founder Steve Jobs back to the company with NeXT in 1996. For a company that’s relied on inventing and growing internal products to win consumer loyalty, a flash-focused deal could potentially solve an oft cited bother of Apple’s popular iPhone and iPad products – their inability to handle Adobe’s Flash program that allows Web users to view applications, pictures and video.

The original article has since been updated, twice(!), to

reflect difference between flash memory hardware and flash software [sic]

Man, what’s going to happen when the guys and gals at The Street find that Jeff Beck’s Flash is available on iTunes, or that Queen’s Flash is also available? JOURNOPOCALYPSE!

Hat-tippage: @DSHowell and @jayenkai.