Via Curious Rat, Huffington Post’s piece on the Sony Tablet P.

Are 2 Screens Double The Fun?

Or twice the hassle?

Two is better than one, as the old saying goes,

Depending on what you have two of. Two pay cheques that you get to keep: better! Two yummy pastries instead of one: better! Two screens on an ill-thought-out tablet: *not better sadface*

and Sony has put that old saying to the test with a tablet with two screens.

*not better sadface*

The Sony Tablet P is a dual-screen, foldable tablet that can be yours for $399

Still, that’s not a bad price-point.

with a two-year contract on AT&T


The Tablet P’s two screens each measure about 5.5 inches — think two Samsung Galaxy Note phablets welded together at the ends

Man, there I was, thinking I was almost certainly going to buy an iPad 3 in a week or two, but “two Samsung Galaxy Note phablets welded together at the ends”? SOLD!

and the clam-shell tablet runs a special version of the Android Honeycomb operating system that allows for dual-scren-tailored applications [sic]

Which I’m sure devs are just going to flock to, because if there’s one thing devs love, it’s fragmentation and designing apps specifically for an unproven device that’s probably going to vanish from the face of the planet within a few months.

Sony says in a press release that you’ll be able to watch video on one screen and use the other as a remote control, or read email on one screen while using the other as a keyboard.

Unlike on a 10-inch iOS or Android tablet, where you could, say, watch a video full-screen and bring up controls only when you need them, or read email on half the screen while using the other half as a keyboard.

If you’re a killjoy, you can also just fold it flat and turn it into a single-screen slate.

A single-screen slate with a MASSIVE HINGE through the middle of said single screen.

The Tablet P has been available in the United Kingdom for a few months now

It has? I… well… I’ve not seen that many of them in the wild. Nor, in fact, even heard about it until today.

and it will land in America exclusively on AT&T and its 3G HSPA+ network.

Exclusive deals with a single carrier—that’s a great way to ensure a tablet is wildly successful!

[Each] screen is 5.5 inches and has a 1024 x 480 resolution. […] It also only gets up to 7 hours of battery life, according to the Sony website. That’s far less than the iPad 2 (10 hours) or the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (9 hours), though with two screens running simultaneously, you might expect this thing to be a power hog

Two screens that offer… pretty much the same resolution as the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

What the Tablet P lacks in battery life, however, it sure makes up for in its unique two-screen design. It’s not the first dual-screen tablet to hit America, however: Acer had a $1200 dual-screen 14-inch Iconia “touchbook” tablet in early 2011, but that never really caught on.


Sony hopes for a better fate with its Tablet P, and its employees, at least, are enthusiastic


One Sony spokesman told HuffPost via email that the Tablet P was “legitimately SUPER cool.”

And legitimately DEAD IN THE WATER.

[Marvel] at this two-screened wonder

Me, I’m marvelling at Sony thinking the child of a ‘phablet’ and a Nintendo DS is a sensible product to release on to the market.