Kotaku reports on a tragic incident involving two children, from a story that originated at WJBF. They’d reportedly been playing Call of Duty, when one picked up a semi-automatic belonging to his parents and fired off some rounds, one of which fatally wounded the other. This is, of course, a horrible and tragic event, but the inference from the reporting is crazy.

The case—which has led to a charge of involuntary manslaughter—is being called an accident. Still, the television station reporting the incident spoke to child psychiatrist Dr. Dale Peeples…

Here we go.

who said that playing games like Black Ops could have contributed to this terrible event

Because kids never played ‘war’ before modern videogames arrived.

“A game that is rated M for Mature, probably doesn’t belong in the hands of a 12 year old”

Neither does a SEMI-AUTOMATIC GUN.

While it’s common to dismiss media outlets’ convenient linkages between violent video games and crime as sensationalist, this time—because of the closeness of the crime and the gameplay—it might not be as easy.

How about this for a link: had the child not had clearly far too easy access to a dangerous weapon, the other child would not have been shot. This has nothing to do with a videogame and everything to do with the gun.

Hat-tip: Xander Davis