BBC technology reporter argues Apple will want to forget the new iPad. Bar the conclusion to his piece that infuriatingly dredges up the “Apple needs to fire magic unicorns at the market with the new iPhone or it will appear rudderless and DOOMED” notion, the rest of the piece has some good points. He notes that the new iPad is in some ways a ‘backwards step’, notably in being heavier than its predecessor. (Although Lee’s comment that it’s too heavy—something he states four times in two small paragraphs, just in case you missed it, ignores the new iPad being lighter than the original one. The weight might be a problem for iPad 2 users, but anyone—like me—upgrading from the original will wonder what all the fuss is about.) Lee also adds that Newsstand leaves him cold, that apps are bloating, iMessage is a damp squib, and iCloud is annoying regarding its upgrade nags. I would add to his points that the new device does get noticeably warm, and I very much agree that Apple really needs to figure out how to serve delta updates for iOS apps, because downloading massive game and app updates is getting really old.

On Twitter, Lee argued the following when we were discussing his piece:

It’s a progress thing, I think. For the first time, they prioritised power over usability

It’s here where I very much disagree. With the new iPad, Apple prioritised one thing: the display. That’s it. Everything in the device—including the compromises—is designed to get that Retina display up and running, and that’s not about power. In fact, with the display being the thing you view and interact with—the device effectively becoming the app that’s being run—the update was entirely about usability.

The new iPad isn’t perfect, and there are clear compromises, but in hindsight you can say the same about many Apple products. It is, however, a step up in the one standout feature that matters most, and to that end while I don’t think the new iPad will be remembered as Apple’s Best Product Ever™, I can’t imagine the company will want to forget all about it either.