If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might correctly surmise that I spend the bulk of my time immersed in technology, mostly writing about it (and, often, complaining about it). But time was I tended to be rather prolific when it came to music. Earlier this year, I realised it was 2005 when I released my last album, and I decided to ensure I got my new one (in progress for a long time) out the door by the end of the year.

It looks like I’m just going to squeak that deadline, and I’m very happy and proud to say the first fruits of said labour are now live, in the form of Betrayed, a free single you can download from my new Bandcamp page. There’s also a freebie remix of the track lurking.

To grab the single, click/tap ‘Buy now’, name your price (from zero, but if any rich eccentrics are out there and want to fund the next album, feel free!), and you’ll get lovely 320 kbps MP3s fired across the internet to your downloads folder. Next week, another single and a new 15-track album. And with a following wind, especially if I manage to sell the odd album or two, more music should follow rather more quickly next time round!

(Also, there’s currently an additional ‘preview’ track, Up For Hire, available for free via the Project Noise website. Grab that soon, though, because the site will be updated when the album goes live.)