If you’ve been reading Revert to Saved over the past week or so, you’ll know I’ve been releasing music again, for the first time in a long while. Now, hot on the heels of singles Betrayed and Fever comes Listen To Me, my first new album in (gulp) seven years.

I’ve never been much cop at marketing—I’ve in my time written a lot of songs but never really known what to do with them, bar giving long-suffering friends yet more tapes/CDRs. Now, though, the web’s gotten to the point where it’s astonishingly easy to get music out there. I’ve been hugely impressed with Bandcamp when buying albums from the likes of 4mat and Chipzel, and so I figured I’d give that site a go myself.

On my new album, there are 15 tracks in all, and I’ve gone for a ‘couple of cheap pints’ as the price tag (four quid). Tracks can be downloaded in MP3, FLAC or “just about any other format you could possibly desire”, according to Bandcamp—and streaming is free.

Music’s for me one of those oddly personal things—probably more so than much of the writing I do—and it’s therefore quite odd after so much time to see it finally out there, away from the confines of my computer and my own ears. I am, however, really excited about the album and proud of it, and so I very much hope you enjoy Listen To Me.

(And regular readers, don’t worry—I’m sure I’ll be back to grumbling about all things tech next week!)