Welcome to the world, Caliber Advantage, yet another iOS games controller. It’s more or less the iCade Mobile, but for the iPhone 5, and with added analogue nubs. According to Slide to Play,

iFrogz is working with Epic Games and Chair Entertainment to ensure that at least some titles developed using the Unreal Engine 3 will be compatible.

Well, that’s great. I’m sure “at least some titles” being compatible with yet another expensive controller is what the world needs. It’s perfectly sensible to keep fragmenting the already niche iOS games controllers market, because what ever gamer likes is a drawer full of controllers that only work with certain games. Even better when a single new controller will cost 70 quid, and will last only as long as the form factor of current Apple devices does. (iCade Mobile found this out the hard way and is currently available at fire-sale prices.)

To be fair to iFrogz, perhaps it can pull this off. Maybe it will get on board hundreds of developers and finally turn an iPhone into a games system with a physical controls option. But the iCade’s been around for a long time now, and even that easy-to-implement system only has games compatibility stretching to dozens of titles (some of which are, admittedly, retro compilations that bundle many games into a single app). Unless iFrogz somehow manages to totally revolutionise this aspect of the industry, it’s just going to be another Duo Gamer.