Apple’s announced the iPad 4 (or, as it calls it, primarily to annoy copy editors the world over, the ‘iPad with Retina Display’) is to now include a 128 GB model. Predictably, there are already people moaning about this for various reasons, not least the inevitable price-hike over the 64 GB model, and that wonderful non-reason “I don’t need it and so I don’t see why anyone else would”, but I’m happy to see Apple acknowledge that at least some iPad owners need more storage space.

A 128 GB model isn’t for everyone, of course, but I’m increasingly seeing games (especially complex ones with Retina assets) clock in at well over 1 GB and individual issues of magazines sized at anything between 250 MB and 1 GB. Although Apple’s making reasonable efforts to provide on-demand access to your media content (iTunes Match enables you to access your music without keeping it all on your device, and TV shows and movies bought in certain iTunes Stores can be streamed rather than downloaded), it’s not enough. Until every piece of content you buy is stored securely in the cloud and internet access is so fast and unrestricted that you wouldn’t think twice about redownloading a 1 GB magazine and data for apps or games isn’t obliterated when you delete one, we’re increasingly going to need more capacity on tablets, not less.

Here’s hoping Apple follows this up with a 128 GB iPhone (despite the eye-watering price-tag that will then command) and a 128 GB iPod touch. As it stands, the new iPad model is a good start. I’d been wondering if Apple was beginning to promote a culture of disposal rather than collection on iOS, forced on users because of the lack of storage. Magazines, apps and games would have to fall by the wayside, simply due to devices filling up so fast. A larger iPad means this won’t be the case—at least not so quickly—for those lucky enough to own one.