Good grief. That’s pretty much all I could think while trudging through Jim Lynch’s misogynistic tripe, iOS 7: An Estrogen-Addled Mess Designed for 13 Year Old Girls—no link, due to trollage. To save you the pain of reading (or doing a Google search), here’s the entire piece summed up:

I AM A MAN! A MANLY MAN! GRRRR. Pastels? I SPIT ON PASTELS. Bright colours? BRIGHT COLOURS ARE FOR GIRLS. iOS is therefore for 13-year-old girls. Also: did I mention I AM A MAN? I may mention “cock” and “balls” at this point, just to show how manly I am! Also: women, eh? They’re taking over, just like they’ve taken over iOS 7. Oh, and Tim Cook? MIGHT BE GAY. I know. There’s nowhere for REAL MEN now. REAL MEN LIKE ME. Balls! Cock! GRRRR!

*scrubs self clean*

Perhaps because I’m not a raving loon, nor a sexist arsehole, I didn’t immediately think “iOS 7 is for girls” on watching the demos at WWDC. I did find some of the design a bit unconsidered (but imagine all we’re really seeing here is an iteration of iOS 7, not the final thing) and some of the colours a bit gaudy. But it seemed fresh, fun, and, crucially, something that might appeal more to more mainstream audience and a younger market.

Note that I’m not saying iOS 7 is for kids. Like I noted previously, I’m not a raving loon. However, on seeing iOS 6 and iOS 7 side by side, one looks kind of dated and techie, and the other looks fresh and young. I imagine there’s perhaps a balance between the two that would appeal more to me personally and also to most of the people currently throwing toys out of prams (aside from Lynch—he’s busy EATING BEER CANS and DOING WEIGHTS AT THE GYM and DRIVING A REALLY BIG CAR), but if iOS 7 ends up appealing to more people—and more younger people—that’s hardly going to be a bad thing.