Stop the presses!

Qluso is an online app that allows news editors to screw over freelance journalists, paying them as little as possible, and making them BEG for ‘work’, while laughing like a fucking nutcase.

(The above isn’t entirely accurate regarding what it says on the website, but it’s pretty on the ball when it comes to what’s going to happen.)

Hat tip: Adam Banks

Update: Qluso’s Lyra McKee responds:

As a former freelance journalist myself, I worked with my team to devise a product that could help freelance journalists get paid the best price and get paid on the same day. We love newspapers and journalists: Qluso was built to help them, not screw them over. I have seen firsthand the problems freelance journalists face in their day-to-day work and I can understand why you would be sceptical given current industry conditions, but Qluso was designed to eradicate these problems and to improve the working experience of freelance journalists.