Now back in the land of the living. Mostly.

Published stuff

It was bizarre-o-week in games land. I wrote about the Atari 2600+, which mimics the ancient console and lets you plug in original carts and controllers. And then I wrote for Stuff: What unites the PlayStation Portal and Atari 2600+? They’re confusing, weird and very niche.

Both of these products baffle me, for different reasons, as you’ll find out in the column. I know some folks are enamoured by them, mind. There’s a big nostalgia factor to the Atari, and a convenience one to the PSP, as noted by Matt Tate for Stuff, who is eager to throw 200 quid Sony’s way. Even so, both of these for me have ended up filed under ‘no need to exist’.

Over at TapSmart, I look into better and friendlier streaks apps (Apple, take note!), Home Screens eroding app usage, and Monument Valley, which is the latest entry in my classic apps series.

A new issue of sister mag Swipe went out recently too, if you fancy supporting our work for the tiny sum of two bucks per month.

And finally: for this blog, I smashed out some cathartic words: iCloud sucks and it really shouldn’t.

Other stuff.

I was very ill recently and could barely move, let alone exercise. My streaks all went away. It’s almost a relief, and yet I noticed yesterday that when I got to the end of the day, having forgotten to do my 30 minutes on the elliptical, I just thought: sod it.

I’m going to try and rewire my brain using the Streaks app, with settings more generous than Apple’s YOU MUST BE A ROBOT line of thinking. Perhaps that will give me a sweet spot closer to motivation than drudgery. (Also good: Gentler Streak, which when I first tried it basically told me to chill for a bit, on the basis of my stats nose-diving. Nice.)

Elsewhere, I’ve started digging into the guilt piles, which in this house mostly comprise Lego and comics. Two recommendations. Tales of the Space Age is a gorgeous display set for fans of, well, space. And Saga is wonderful comics. I’m about to delve into the third deluxe hardcover. Here’s hoping the fourth will rock up before the heat death of the universe. (The creative team’s hiatus last time was impressive in terms of duration, but a touch frustrating for fans – if understandable, given the creators’ workloads!)