So. Very. Tired.

Published stuff

Presumably reasoning that I’m getting on a bit, an editor at TechRadar asked me to dig into Life before Google: 7 retro services that helped us survive, from Altavista to Hotmail. This went down very well on Mastodon and Facebook, probably saying more about the audiences/my followings there than anything. Nostalgia, eh? That said, I still do have and use some of those ‘retro’ services, and am attempting to wean myself off of Google, because, well, Google.

For Stuff, I wrote about the Raspberry Pi 5, massive Lego kits to make your bank account scream, and playing the phone upgrade lottery, where your new phone resembles the old one, but has things that are temporarily or permanently missing. Tsk.

The latest issue of the print mag is out too. Within, you’ll find words from me on the Atari 2600+, weather alert apps, Android 14, and the very first version of Microsoft Word.

Over at TapSmart, I wrote about essential apps for a new iPhone and a new Apple Watch, along with asking whether the death of the iPhone mini signals the end of small iOS devices.

Finally, for this blog, I wrote Apple, Reduce Motion and the battle for vestibular accessibility. This celebrates ten years since I wrote a piece for The Guardian that spread far and wide and helped more people (and Apple) better understand issues relating to vestibular disorders. Honestly, it’s not often in tech journalism that I feel I’ve written something truly meaningful. This was an exception. That piece mattered. I know it made a difference, potentially to an awful lot of people. That felt really good.

Upcoming stuff

I’m mostly immersed in hardware right now, putting the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 9 through their paces. I’ll admit that while I was sceptical about the new zoom on the Pro Max, a trip to our local pond yesterday left me converted, with me capturing some shots I’d otherwise have missed when using Apple hardware.

Other stuff

I’ve mostly been knackered this past week, as some kind of bug swept through our household. As our kid’s class WhatsApp exploded with notifications about covid, we hoped it wasn’t that. Fortunately, it wasn’t, but we’ve still had a rough few days.

Covid itself is back on my mind as well. Last winter was miserable as we mostly avoided going out, not least given that almost everyone in the UK has ditched masks and decided covid no longer exists. I feel quite envious of friends overseas who are getting boosters, since the UK government has decided only folks over 65 can have one this year, unless you’ve an immune disorder or another condition on a very short list. And school policy remains ludicrous, forcing children back after three days, even when still testing positive, unless they have a high fever. It’s all deeply weird.

On a more positive note, we’ve been digging into Welcome to Wrexham, which is back on Disney+. I can take or leave football, but thought this show might be mildly amusing. I wasn’t prepared for a show that would have so many powerful stories and so much humanity at its core. The second series continues in this light, getting you right in the feels in the many moments between the manager swearing at his team and goals hitting the back of the net. Top of the table stuff.