Weeknote 2024

Published stuff

For Stuff, I delved into Apple’s previous year and looked ahead to the coming 12 months: Apple’s 2023 in review: the good, the bad and the bubbly and Apple in 2024: what Stuff wants to see.

Over at TapSmart, my 2023 app awards and game awards were published, along with a piece about using your iPhone to stick to New Year Resolutions.

Other stuff

Despite it being cold and grey outside, this day is often one about personal renewal. As I look back over 2023, I realise I have started to infuse new habits into my schedule – and bin unhealthy ones.

The best shift has been my thinking about streaks, which my Apple Watch shook up by messing up. I’ve decided I don’t care about perfection – instead, I’m keener on meaningful streaks as a way of tracking wellbeing.

As someone with certain OCD tendencies (and I use that in a literal sense – I don’t use the term as a synonym for ‘fussy’) this was a big deal for me, and I’m glad it appears to have worked out. I’ve also taken to more morning walks, to boost mental wellbeing during darker months.

One thing that was lacking during 2023 was giving myself permission to do things for me. I too often fell into the trap of deciding time had to be ‘productive’ either in terms of earning a living or doing family things. No wonder I so often felt exhausted and also ended the year with no progress on some key personal projects.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to turn that fully around in 2024, but I’m going to try. I did at least start writing more for myself again, thanks to this weeknote format. But finishing new music for the first time in years is going to be a much bigger commitment in terms of time and energy. However, while you could cram the number of albums I’ve ever sold into a reasonably small box, music for me was never about money. It’s good for my soul. I need it to be happy. And so I know I’ll be happy if I finally get new music into the wild in 2024, clearing the decks for whatever’s next.

Now I just need to make it happen.