Published stuff

My Stuff column this week is Why apps could be Apple’s next subscription service – and what stands in its way. I’m not sure it’s likely nor even viable that Apple would launch such a service, but it somehow feels logical.

A trio of pieces over at TapSmart: my guide to meditative audio apps for iPhonean updated iPad buyer’s guide, and an Apple Pencil buyer’s guide. The last of those should not be necessary and may come with added snark.

Upcoming stuff

Lots and lots of WWDC24, no doubt. I’m currently wondering if we’ll hear these words: “And we call it… Apple OS”.

Other stuff

I’ve felt something nagging at me for some time now – a slowly building unease and feeling of being overwhelmed. Which I now realise is burnout. So apologies for the short one this week. I’m sure lots of interesting stuff happened, but I’ve decided this weekend needs to be one for me. Normal service will be resumed as soon as we know what normal is, as an excellent game, based on a towel, based on a book, based on a radio show, once told me.