Pic showing: fixing Apple streak rings, new iOS and iPadOS, Uefa app icon, Game Boy Micro and ruler

Published stuff

Loads of activity on Stuff this week. I wrote why I think being able to pause your Apple Watch rings is the best watchOS feature in years, a follow-up to a piece from last year about losing my Apple Watch streak. And apparently having finally lost my patience with iPadOS, I wrote about how Apple’s iPadOS 18 killed pro-user hopes for the M4 iPad Pro

My weekend column moved away from Apple, because Apple Apple Apple was driving my editor bonkers and he wanted something – anything – else. So I wrote about how playing my Game Boy Micro again was a reality check about old games consoles – and getting older myself. Which is basically 600 words about how it turns out when you’re deep into your 40s, perhaps you shouldn’t be complaining about how big mobile hardware devices (and their screens) are getting.

Also on Stuff this week, an update to the best upcoming Lego sets and a guide to Android and iPhone footie apps for Euro 2024.

Over at TapSmart, I had one more thing to get out of my system regarding WWDC24: This year, Apple wants to make things personal – with more customization features than ever. There’s a (minor) sting in the tail of that one. And I wrote a new ‘toolkit’ feature about travel – apps to take on your next journey or vacation.

Other stuff

Mostly wondering why the UK appears to be in a loop where it thinks it’s late April spliced with torrential downpours that remind me of distant trips to Florida – without the heat. I’m wearing a fleece. In June. Bah.