Those cheeky chappies at Tap! magazine have been looking at the numbers surrounding iOS, and they’re big: 650,000 apps, 75 per cent of parents sharing app-enabled devices with kids, a grand a second raked in by Apple through the App Store, and, apparently, enough iPhones and iPads have been sold to make a Saturn-like ring around Earth. I also chuckled on reading Tap!’s extrapolation regarding the number of apps:

It would take you a week just to read the names of all the apps on the store

That’s how I feel time’s passing when trawling through insanely long RSS feeds, looking for apps to review.

Anyway, the spiffy graphic is below (Control/right-click and select the relevant option to view in big-o-vision) and Tap! the app is available now from the App Store. It’s very good.