Ben Brooks asks:

if you had to start over, buying all of your apps from scratch, in what order would you buy them (the assumption being you couldn’t afford to re-buy them all at once, but over time you could afford them all). I have been thinking about this for a while now and I started with a list of all the apps I normally use that I would need to purchase. From there I started arranging them in order of what I would buy first.

I’m going through something vaguely similar now, because I have a new iMac. Rather than fire old data across, I’m thinking ‘what should I install first?’ and only having the most important applications on there.

But if it was a case of literally installing in order, how could that be achieved? I use SuperDuper! for back-ups, but could conceivably get by on Carbon Copy Cloner for a while first; I use Scrivener and WriteRoom for writing copy, but could use TextWrangler. In each of these cases (and more), I end up imagining using a sub-optimal solution, in order to create a linear list.

Entire world:

You’re overthinking this, you idiot.

Yes, fair enough, so here’s the stuff I absolutely would have to have installed, and that one has to pay for, in a vaguely linear order:

I do use other software, but those are the ones I’d really miss, roughly in the order that I’d miss them (or, rather, in the order that I depend on them).

UPDATE: A few people have asked where Dropbox is, which is fair enough. The above list concentrated on paid-for applications, which wasn’t clear. Free stuff I currently use daily includes Dropbox (online back-up/sync), Pastebot Sync (iOS-to-Mac copy/paste), Twitter, the Reeder for Mac beta, Carbon Copy Cloner (cloning, as a fail-safe in case SuperDuper! doesn’t work) and The Unarchiver. These, of course, could all be installed on day one.