The BBC Internet blog reveals the UK version of the iOS iPlayer app now supports 3G and AirPlay.

The app is compatible with Apple AirPlay. If you are running iOS5, you can connect your iPhone or iPod touch to Apple TV and watch your favourite programme on your television.

This also works with the iPad. However, the app uses its own player rather than the default iOS one, and so this means you don’t get an in-app control for toggling AirPlay and firing BBC content at your Apple TV. So here’s a handy cut-out-and-keep* guide for getting AirPlay running using the iPlayer app:

  1. Launch BBC iPlayer app;
  2. Double-click your home button to bring up the multitasking tray;
  3. Swipe this to the right, which should reveal playback controls—on the iPhone, you’ll need to do this a second time, to see the AirPlay button;
  4. Tap the AirPlay button (a rectangle with a triangle pointing upwards) and select your desired output device;
  5. Play your video.

Kudos to the BBC for finally getting AirPlay working in the UK iPlayer app (it’s been in the non-UK one for a while); here’s hoping that a future update makes activating AirPlay a little easier. Also, here’s hoping the BBC’s rivals realise that they, too, can offer AirPlay—it’s a bit odd that ITV, C4 and LoveFilm are all currently avoiding the tech like it’s a bad smell.

* Assuming you print it. Or chop up your display with really sharp scissors, you nutcase.